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Messenger Review

Facebook Messenger remains one of the most frequently used mobile messengers for over 8 years. It has over 1 billion and translated into 111 languages. This app is one of several apps of the Facebook bundle. It substitutes the web interface but provides all features in separate apps for higher convenience. Facebook Messenger for iOS and Android allows you to send messages, media files, voice and video calls, and more.

Features and Functions

Using Facebook Messenger, you can use the full list of basic communication features, including messaging and calls. Besides textual messages, you can exchange images, hundreds of funny stickers, audio messages, and any files from your device storage or clouds. The files will be stored within Facebook servers forever so that you could access them even if you lose the original version.

Voice and video calling features are similar to WhatsApp and Viber. You pass the full authorization to use it. On the contrary, Facebook Messenger allows you to sign in and make calls from several accounts at the same time. If you’re concerned about your privacy, then optional end-to-end encryption will be helpful. This module makes all the outgoing data impossible for intercepting and reading with hacker tools. Facebook redesigned their approach to security measures after the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica data scandal, so you can be sure to be anonymous. For that purpose, you have to enable end-to-end encryption during voice and video calls.

The US-only features include the M virtual assistant that allows you to book restaurants, purchase items, and do lots of other things. Uber and Lyft are also integrated only in The States as well as quick money transfers for friends within the app.


Facebook Messenger simplifies communication a lot. It works much better than the original mobile web-interface. A wide array of integrations makes it a socializing hub. The list of apps integrated into Facebook Messenger includes Uber, Lyft, movie ticketing services, Bitmoji, and even GIF generators.


Facebook Messenger intends to be not just a messenger but a universal tool for private and group communication. It includes loads of features that are just impossible for other apps. It allows you to share any files, call a taxi in a few taps, and even conducting cool marketing campaigns with bots. This app is available for free on App Store and Play Market.

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